Brand story

Joelle Mardinian's vision for DABDUB was clear: establish a Middle Eastern brand that resonates both locally and globally. Guided by love and dedication, DABDUB represents not just quality baby care, but a greater cause, inspired by the touching story of Nathan, the youngest of the Mardinian family. Our collaboration with the Red Crescent signifies more than business; it's a commitment to brighten young lives across the region. With each DABDUB product you choose, 10% of our annual profits directly support orphanage programs, ensuring a nurturing environment for children in need. By choosing DABDUB, you're not just selecting a product; you're part of a movement dedicated to positive change. Together, we offer love and opportunity to children who will shape tomorrow. Your choice lights the way—not only for them but for the whole community. Join our mission. With every purchase, become a part of a legacy that extends beyond commerce into compassion and genuine care—one purchase at a time.

Shop with purpose with DABDUB.